In addition to the stunning, state of the art physical facility, the EarthQuest Institute plans to launch a set of education and outreach programs in the local Houston region, some prior to the completion of the actual EarthQuest Adventures Theme Park and the EarthQuest Institute.

These programs will make a significant impact on students, teachers, parents and future leaders who will in turn share the knowledge they gain with others around the world.

Interactive Website

EarthQuest will offer a complete virtual-world designed to expand the reach of our programs beyond our facility in Texas, to reach the global community. The robust website will serve as a global communication hub and information repository with deep content and numerous engaging, interactive online activities. It will provide online research publishing; public social network; an information resources center with videos, podcasts and more; listings for volunteer opportunities; a gamer portal; an online store; and a convenient way to make donations.

Educational Programs

We are planning a portfolio of education and outrach programs to extend our reach to school children, teachers, and the public. These programs, some of which we will launch before construction is complete will bring EarthQuest programming to schools, public events, conferences and exhibitions where we will demonstrate our unique approach to education, communication and entertainment.

Research and Technology

Through assessment and analysis of scientific research, and close collaboration with cutting edge businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other entities, we will help advance the development of next-generation technologies in energy production, environmental monitoring, information technology and other key areas.  Moreover, the Institute will serve as a central “clearinghouse” for the evaluation of sustainability-related research and as a direct link between the scientific community and product manufacturers, marketers, vendors and service providers.

Consumer Awareness

To help consumers buy, give and use green products confidently, EarthQuest is working with its research associates to develop the most comprehensive, objective and credible web resource for the general public for assessing the environmental impact of products, services, related organizations and charities.

Media Projects

The EarthQuest Institute will cooperate with leading filmmakers, virtual reality designers, production studios and other entertainment-industry experts to create new sustainability-focused programming for many different media. The themes and core messages will focus on educating the public in an informative, engaging and entertaining way. In other words, we intend to make learning about energy, the environment and sustainable living fun and exciting.

Academic Partnerships and Industry Collaboration

We are coordinating a global effort to advance education about sustainability and accelerate the development of green technologies and products that will aid in making and keeping our planet healthy for future generations. By forming academic partnerships and collaborating with businesses in a full range of industries, we will also be helping to create new economic opportunities for millions of people the world over.