Our Vision

The mission of the EarthQuest Institute

The mission of the EarthQuest Institute is to further public understanding about the connections between society’s need for energy and for environmental conservation and to continually empower people to make informed decisions about living in ways that preserve the planet and its resources.

The Vision

The EarthQuest Institute is envisioned to be a leading edge learning center focused on how we can live and prosper in a responsible, efficient and environmentally balanced manner.

EQI will be a globally unique center, made possible through the collaboration of education, research and private sector leadership from throughout the world. It will be a living laboratory, a location to deploy and evaluate new technologies in an effort to produce worldwide education and understanding of workable and sustainable environmental technologies.

EQI will “lead by doing” creating an impressive physical presence constructed to exceed the highest standards of energy and environmental efficiency. EQI will become an unparalleled repository of information and know-how, that will showcase worldwide advances in research and development of green technologies and show how they can be affordably woven into our lives.