The EarthQuest Institute

Imagine a world class, state-of-the-art center for sustainability education, entertainment and communication located next to a world-class theme park – all completely committed to energy and environmental education and conservation.

This is the EarthQuest Institute, dedicated to developing and presenting state-of-the art exhibits, programs and information for children, adults, businesses and the public-at-large about energy, the environment, and sustainable living on our planet.

The EarthQuest Institute is envisioned to be a globally recognized hub for information about society's need for energy AND environmental conservation, and our responsibility to live in a way that recognizes our obligation to do so sustainably. By highlighting new technologies, by being a credible voice among the "green" noise,  as a cutting-edge education and communication center, the Institute is dedicated to creating a sustainable world through education, entertainment and scientific research.

Our goals will be achieved by building a world-class team of communicators, scientists, and creative thinkers who will collaborate with the world’s leading sustainability scientists and engineers and by partnering with governmental agencies, schools, corporations and private foundations;. Our efforts will be further aided by promoting an organizational culture that fosters creativity, holistic thinking, collaboration, integrity and a healthy respect for the value of fun and entertainment.

EarthQuest will fill a huge void by serving as a direct link between the cutting edge research underway in the worlds academic, corporate and governmental labs and communicating this important work to the public, providing them a window into cutting edge sustainability related science and technology. This will facilitate the development, commercialization and adoption of innovative, cost-effective green products, technologies and strategies that average people can relate to and use in the everyday lives.