Why the EQ Institute?

Like so many of us, I always wanted to know what I could do to live in more earth-sustaining ways. I wanted a place to go where I could see the latest energy, environmental and sustainability related technologies used, demonstrated, and explained. To my disappointment there was none.

From a life in science education, I knew if I wanted to showcase sustainable technologies to a wide audience it had to be fun and involving. Those essentials came together via a themed entertainment project I developed with many others for an environmentally-themed EarthQuest Adventure Park.

We engaged economic developer Don Holbrook, who conducted a national search, yielding a nationally central location and an enterprising public partner in East Montgomery County outside Houston.

The centerpiece of the park woud be the EarthQuest Institute and the Adventure Park would be the magnet to bring in and turn on folks to the preservation of our planet, its natural resources and its life support systems.

The local community leaders embraced the educational objectives of EQI as much as the commercial benefits of the Park, reserving land and initial funds for EQI and identifying a philanthropically inclined park develper in Marlin Atlantis.

The rest of the EQI story is yet to be written. By all of us.

- Don "DinoDon" Lessem is the founder of the EarthQuest concept, and a member of the EQI Board of Directors.